HIFU – Prostate Cancer Treatment

Today specialists from the Eskulap Hospital performed the first in the region of Bydgoszcz Powiat and one of the first on a national scale, non-operational prostate cancer procedure using the AblathermHIFU technique. The condition of two patients who underwent the procedure is good.

The non-invasive Ablatherm HIFU procedure for prostate cancer allows the physician to effectively destroy the focal prostate tissue. It is a robotic high-intensityfocused ultrasound-guidedprocedure which is performed by a urologistand takes about two hours. During the procedure the focal prostate tissue is destroyed with a focused ultrasound beam. Two patients underwent the procedure, their condition is good and they are likely to return to normal daily routine within a few days.

Nowatorski zabieg leczenia raka prostaty metodą HIFU wykonano w Szpitalu Eskulap w OsielskuPolsce

Thenon-invasive Ablatherm HIFU procedure for prostate cancer was performed in our Hospital by doctor Krzysztof Rożnowski and an expert on HIFU prostate procedure doctor StefanThueroff. Numerous urologist from Poland and Germany attended HIFU-related lectures and presentations due to an innovative nature of this method.


Press release TVP about the HIFU procedure for prostate cancer treatment