Michał Molski, MD PhD

dr Michał Molski - specjalista chirurgSpecialist in general surgery, phlebology residency in vascular surgery

Michał Molski gained extensive professional experience in a number of departments of general and vascular surgery in Poland and abroad. He performed a specialization programme in general surgery at the Dr Antoni Jurasz Unievrsity Hospital in Bydgoszcz. He is currently performing a vascular surgery fellowship programme at the Transfiguration of Jesus Clinical Hospital of Medical University in Poznań. Numerous fellowship programmes in such places as Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA, Montpellier in France or Żlin in the Czech Republic allowed him to gain know-how and skills within the scope of minimally invasive surgeries. His engagement in research work resulted in writing a doctoral dissertation for which doctor Michał Molski was given an award by the Medical Faculty Council of Collegium Medicum, the UMK.

The doctor is currently involved in performing procedures and operations in general and vascular surgery at the Eskulap Hospital – the Centre for Heart and Vascular Disease Treatment in Osielsko.

Michał Molski relies on his continuous professional development actively participating in research and training conferences and workshops. He is eager to share his experience and know-how during symposiums organized by at home and abroad as well as through numerous publications in medical journals.

Doctor Michał Molski is especially interested in the diagnostics and treatment of deep vein thrombosis and postphlebitis syndrome by means of minimally invasive techniques as a consequence of many years’ research study conducted by his father, professor Stanisław Molski.