EU Project – The Innovative Economy Programme

Creating an innovative Centre for Vascular Disease Treatment – the Eskulap Hospital in Osielsko:

EU Project – The Innovative Economy Programme

Project: Subsidies for innovative activities

  • Diversification of services through creating an innovative Centre for Vascular Disease Treatment;
  • The project co-financed by the European Union within the European Regional Development Fund;
  • The Innovative Economy Operational Programme – 4.
    Priority axis: Investing in innovative enterprises
    Measure 4.4: New investments of a high innovative potential;
  • Value of the project: 43 316517.00 PLN
    – the European Union fund: 30 321 561.90 PLN
    – the percentage of the fund: 70%
    – the period of the project: 2010 – 2014.

The Objectives of the Project

  • An immediate objective of the project is to introduce to the market innovative solutions in the medical sector. The services launched rely in a unique comprehensive treatment of cardiovascular diseases including education and health promotion, prophylaxis, advanced diagnostics, rehabilitation as well as treatment based on minimally invasive procedures. For the purpose of enhancing the quality of the services provided there was established the Research and Development Centre involved in analysing the achieved results.


The Results of the Project

  • New services are provided by using innovative on a worldwide scale technological diagnostic and therapeutic solutions by a team of thoroughly educated, experienced medical specialists in many medical specialites.   
  • Under the project we built and comprehensively furnished the modern hospital premises which can provide comprehensive medical services and offer conditions conducive to conducting research and development work.  
  • Through introducing new health care services we significantly contribute to the improvement of the services provided resulting in positive social effects.
  • Due to performing this project our patients have been given an opportunity of having an access to modern diagnostic techniques, therapy and rehabilitation characterized by even greater precision and efficiency as well as much less invasive procedures and prompt recovery.