Who Are We

The Eskulap Hospital belongs to private medical care pioneers in the region of Bydgoszcz. Our activities were set up as early as in 1988. Today we provide top quality care in 99 beds located in 3 wards. Since year 2012, according to national ranking, we are among top 50 hospitals in Poland. 
Based on many years’ experiences, a modern medical centre  – the Eskulap Hospital – the Centre for Heart and Vascular Disease Treatment in Osielsko was established in January 2012. Then, in July 2012 on account of the outstanding level of innovativeness, the hospital was granted 70% funds under the Innovative Economy EU Programme. In 2017 under EU Smart Growth Operation Program and investment in R&D Center has been started.
We specialise in operative medicine, mainly phlebology, vascular surgery, general surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery. We conduct our activity with regard to patients who expect comprehensive treatment provided by outstanding doctors who make use of the latest medical technologies.
We provide medical services to the patients insured at:
  • NFZ ( polish national health provider )
  • PZU
  • We also provide medical services for a fee.


Our team managed by one of our country’s most experienced vascular surgeons has access to innovative diagnostic and surgical equipment.
Using technological innovations we keep improving our know-how and skills. Therefore, correct diagnoses and effective little invasive methods of therapy will enable you to regain your health promptly and comfortably.
We have a chain of our own and partner clinics in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province including Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Żnin, Tuchola and Więcbork.

Hospital is managed by:

ESKULAP BIS S.C. Ewa Molska Stanisław Molski
ul Koperkowa 2
86-031 Osielsko
NIP 5542870674
REGON 340745981
Rejestr ZOZ 000000161086
Bank account number:
BNP Paribas  62 1600 1185 0004 0807 8955 6001