Why to choose us


Why patients choose Eskulap Hospital:


  • We enjoy our patients’ supreme confidence due to our professional, over 20-year activity.
  • We are constantly improving the quality of our patient service and consequently were conferred the “Friendly Healthcare” emblem as well as the first award in the “Golden Stethoscope” competition in 2012 and 2013 subsequently.
  • We are engaged in the development of medical sciences through establishing the Research and Development Centre and an ongoing activity on the forum of the Polish Society for Vascular Surgery and other scientific societies.


  • We are accredited by Ministry of Health
  • Since 2012 we are ranked in a top 5 Hospitals in Region and in a top 50  in Poland
  • We conform to the ISO 9001:2008 healthcare management system standards.
  • We use the latest technological solutions ensuring the top security level.
  • We employ experienced doctors, nurses and physiotherapists who display the highest level of professional competences.
  • We offer complex diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation provided by a team of specialists in more than 20 branches of medicine.



  • As one of the very few hospitals we provide innovative minimally invasive hybrid procedure techniques conducted by outstanding specialists.
  • We provide the latest generation medical devices and a comfortable stay in a hospital in the interest of patient satisfaction to meet the demands of the 21st century.
  • This innovative investment was awarded the laurel of the 2013 Innovation Eurosymbol leader organized by the daily Monitor Rynkowy.

Patient comfort

  • Light, clean and cosy interiors will ensure you optimum conditions for convalescence after surgery.
  • Friendly and helpful medical personnel will make your stay in the Eskulap Hospital retain a positive memory.
  • For the convenience of yours and your loved ones we developed an extensive range of consultancy rooms to facilitate you to begin and carry on specialist medical care.

Flexible Offer

  • We provide services for a fee that is half the proce you would spend in eg. UK, Irleand, Germany
  • We provide services within contracts signed insurance companies eg. Luxmed – polish branch of BUPA. Ask if your insurance company will cover cost of treatment. We will provide you with letter and tratment plan.